System for radiofrequency lifting EvoSHAPE

Thanks to the wide range of radiofrequencies earlier unattainable for other systems, combined optical effect and unique patient safety system, the EvoSHAPE is probably one of the best instruments for efficient performing of the whole spectrum of radiofrequency lifting procedures:

  • Tightening of face and neck contour, reduction of double chin
  • Elimination of stretch marks and skin flabbiness on buttocks, arms and abdomen
  • Abdomen skin tightening after losing weight, childbirth or liposuction
  • Face and neck skin rejuvenation
  • Cellulite treatment


The RF-lifting machine EvoSHAPE – a multifunctional device for radiofrequency lifting

We offer to your attention the EvoSHAPE – the latest-generation multifunctional apparatus for radiofrequency lifting.

Complex effect of the system on biological tissues allows to achieve excellent results in struggle with cellular senescence, flagging, stretch marks and skin laxity, muscular tone reduction, adipose tissue surplus, cellulite.

Radiofrequency (or RF) lifting is one of the most effective and modern methods of non-invasive skin rejuvenation. A highest effectiveness and safety of the method is generally recognised today. The cost of the procedures relative to their efficiency and minimum probability of complications is ranked among the first in aesthetic medicine.


  • Unique capabilities

    A highest selectivity and selection of frequencies

    The EvoSHAPE makes available to the doctor the range of six (!) radiofrequencies from 350kHz to 2MHz unattainable for other models!

    Such a powerful technical base allows to successfully use one system for solving a widest range of aesthetic and cosmetological problems of your clients.

    The point is that different frequencies of electromagnetic current interact with the patient’s skin in different ways. Higher frequencies provide smaller depth of penetration and predominantly affect dense tissues while lower frequencies have deeper depth of penetration and affect looser tissues.

    Now a doctor can select the most effective frequency for the certain derma density. Besides, he/she has a possibility to control the depth of penetration not only by choosing the handpiece with different interelectrode distance, but also by choosing the appropriate radiofrequency.

    Collagen photostimulation

    It is proved that red light of certain wavelengths is selectively absorbed by connective tissues and promotes activation of its structural molecules growth. The EvoSHAPE handpieces are equipped with a high-power source of red light with specially selected wavelengths: 633nm falls at the absorption peak of ALA (5-aminolaevulinic acid) and Protoporhyrin IX (PRIX) while 613nm falls at the absorption peak of Coproporphyrin III which stimulates mitochondria for synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) which in its turn activates fibroblasts for synthesis of collagen and other structural molecules.

    Combined effect of radiofrequency and optical radiation inter-enhance the effect of stimulating synthesis of new collagen and elastin molecules.

  • Safety for the patient

    Temperature sensor

    The coagulation temperature threshold of collagen (complete denaturation) is within the range from 43°С (wet skin) to 47°С (dry skin), it also depends on the exposure time. That is why, to ensure patients’ safety it is very important to control the temperature and treatment time. For this reason we equipped the EvoShape handpieces with a pyrometric sensor allowing to precisely and very quickly measure the patient’s skin temperature right in the course of treatments.

    Contact sensor

    In the course of a treatment often occur situations when the contact between the handpiece electrodes and the patient’s skin is bad and the patient has unpleasant prickling sensations when relatively high-voltage electrical current discharges go through tissues.

    The EvoSHAPE possesses intellectual recognition system of contact between the handpiece and patient’s skin. The effect of the system will occur only in case of good contact with skin which will also allow to avoid unpleasant prickling sensations when a handpiece touches the skin and will ensure the patient’s comfort during treatments.

    Environmental friendliness and sterility

    The RF-lifting apparatus EvoSHAPE handpiece electrodes are made of medical stainless steel. All the materials used for the system production are of a highest quality, are absolutely non-toxic, can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

  • Convenience for the doctor

    Skin impedance meter

    Now you have a possibility to measure the patient’s skin impedance right in the course of a treatment. The impedance can be measured at different frequencies and can serve as a diagnostic parameter of the functional skin condition. Besides, it will demonstrate the quality of the contact between the handpiece and skin and will suggest when it is necessary to apply another portion of gel.

    Colour touch screen

    It is easy and pleasant to operate the system thanks to a big 10” touch screen with magnificent view angles. Friendly and intuitive interface eliminate the necessity to refer to the User Manual and application of pictograms does not require narrative explanations.

    Usability and simplicity of control

    The RF-lifting device EvoSHAPE is easy in operation, compact and mobile. We have foreseen a convenient table for keeping consumable items and accompanying objects integrated into the system housing. The materials used in the system are easily washable and disinfectable.


RF generator power, up to, W60
Power density, up to, W/cm25
RF generator frequencies350 kHz
500 kHz
750 kHz
1 MHz
1,5 MHz
2 MHz
Temperature sensorType: pyrometric
Measurement range: 30..60°C
Accuracy: ±1°С
Speed of measurement: 500m within the whole range
Impedance meterMeasurement range: 50..500Ohm
Accuracy: ±10%
Contact sensorpresent
PhotostimulationType: LED
Wavelengths: 613nm, 633nm
Intensity: 40mW/cm2
Displaygraphical colour TFT
Size: 10”
Compliance with standardsEN60601-1-1, EN60601-1-2
Electrical requirementssingle phase 100..240V, 50..60Hz
Overall dimensions (DxWxH), mm480 х 400 х 1000
Weight, kg31


The unique EvoSHAPE features provide a highest quality of performing the complete range of thermolifting procedures.

The aim of such procedures is to quickly and painlessly provide visible skin lifting, smooth away wrinkles, increase skin elasticity and return it a young look.

In the course of a procedure electromagnetic radiowaves penetrate into derma layers bypassing epidermis and generate heat which activates elaboration of fibroblasts which, in their turn, intensify collagen synthesis. This technique is used both for skin rejuvenation and body skin tightening.

Below is the list of problems successfully tackled by the EvoSHAPE:

  • The necessity to correct double chin and skin contour
  • Lax atonic face, decolete and neck skin
  • Facial wrinkles and lines, crows feet
  • Upper eyelid overhang, eyebrows descent
  • Enlarged pores and post-acne
  • Local fibroadipose depot and necessity to correct figure
  • Striae, stretch marks and skin flabbiness on buttocks, arms and abdomen
  • Different types of cellulite

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