Laser system EvoRAY

The EvoRAY laser system is a Q-Sw Nd:YAG-KTP laser supplemented with multi-wave converters. It allows to effectively, safely and entirely remove multi-coulour tattoos and pigmented lesions, treat vascular lesions and perform efficient skin rejuvenation. All the procedures are non-invasive.

  • Treatment of unwanted skin pigmentation
  • Removal of any-colour tattoos
  • Vascular lesions treatment
  • Efficient skin rejuvenation


EvoRAY - the state-of-the-art achievements of laser technology and experience of practicing dermatologists

The EvoRAY is a high-power Q-Switch Nd:YAG KTP laser which can be promptly supplemented with changeable converters generating laser radiation in different spectral regions.

Unlike traditional long-pulse lasers, the action of which is based on the effect of thermal influence on the selected object, nanosecond radiation of the EvoRAY destroys the target due to photokinetic effect, completely eliminating thermal load on biological tissues.

Such a peculiarity allows to exceptionally carefully and accurately treat vascular lesions, such as, for example, haemangiomas, as well as to perform highly effective skin rejuvenation and hyperpigmentation treatment.

Wide range of optimally selected laser radiation wavelengths allows to entirely remove tattoos of almost any colour while high laser pulse energy allows to reach deeply bedded pigment.


  • Effectiveness and selectivity

    Four laser radiation wavelengths provide truly selective and efficient influence not affecting the adjacent tissues.

  • Precision and safety

    Built-in laser radiation metres are used for real-time control over treatment parameters and for laser autocalibration. This gives additional guarantees of safety for the patients and accuracy of following the selected treatment protocols.

    The minimum spot size of 1mm allows to precisionally treat microareas which is very topical when removing tattoos with miniature patterns or when treating multiple small pigmented spots.

  • High treatment speed

    Maximum spot size of 8mm allows to treat large skin areas in one pulse. Flat-top beam profile ensured by a special laser cavity configuration provides uniform treatment of skin over the complete spot size from the centre to edges.

    High pulse repetition rate (up to 10 pulses per second) ensures really high treatment speed which is especially topical for skin rejuvenation procedures and removal of large tattoos.

  • Convenience for the doctor

    Convenient 7-joint articulated arm does not limit the doctor’s freedom of movement in the course of a treatment and guarantees that his/her hand will not get tired even when performing long procedures.

    Colour 10” control panel and intuitive interface allow quick choice of treatment protocols and easy selection out of four wavelengths does not distract the doctor to routine actions allowing to concentrate on the performed procedure.


Laser typeQ-switched Nd:YAG with КТР frequency doubler and dye
Wavelength, nm1064532650585
Max pulse energy, mJ800400150120
Pulse duration, ns5…7
Max energy density per pulse, J/cm22512.554
Spot size in the treatment area, mm2…6
PRR, Hzsingle pulses; 1, 2, 5, 10
Beam deliveryarticulated arm
Aiming beamred laser diode (630…675) nm
Cooling systemwater-to-air
Electrical requirements230V ±10%; 50/60Hz; 16A; single phase
Overall dimensions (DxWxH), mm350 х 700 х 900 (without articulated arm)


The EvoRAY laser system ensures realisation of the most advanced laser cosmetology technologies. All the procedures performed by the EvoRAY are non-invasive:

  • Treatment of unwanted skin pigmentation
  • Removal of any-colour tattoos
  • Vascular lesions treatment
  • Efficient skin rejuvenation


  • Dye converters

    Dye converters (585nm and 650nm)

    The EvoRAY can be supplemented with unique converters transforming it into a four-wave laser.
    These converters created on the basis of solid-state dye laser matrices are intended for conversion of 532nm laser radiation into 585nm and 650nm and considerably expand the capabilities of the EvoRAY system.
    The 650nm dye allows to effectively and safely remove green tattoos while the 585nm dye is intended for removing sky-blue colour as well as for performing high-precision unwanted vessels removal.

  • Contact skin cooler

    Contact skin cooler

    To increase patients’ comfort in the course of a procedure the EvoRAY can be used together with the compact and efficient Peltier skin cooler ensuring efficient contact cooling of the treatment area down to -5°C. The contact cooler is equipped with 4 changeable plates of different diameter intended for cooling different-size areas. Low price and compactness are the major advantages of this device.

  • Non-contact air skin cooler

    Non-contact air skin cooler

    The EvoRAY standard set of supply includes an adapter for connecting non-contact air skin cooling systems such as the Cryo 6. Such coolers effectively reduce painful sensations and eliminate the possibility of thermal skin damages. Application of a non-contact cooler offers a number of unquestionable advantages:
    1. High power air flow allows to quickly reduce the skin surface temperature and achieve the desired therapeutic effect;
    2. High localisation precision and stability of cooling effect parameters;
    3. The possibility to cool epidermis before, in the course of and after exposure to laser radiation without interference with the laser beam;
    4. Absence of consumable materials.

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