Fractional multifunctional CO2 laser EvoMATRIX

All the CO2 technologies in one device. The EvoMATRIX is a system allowing to most efficiently realise each and all technologies of modern aesthetic dermatology based on application of CO2 lasers:

  • Fractional skin resurfacing (fractional thermolysis)
  • Vaporisation/removal of skin neoplasms
  • Traditional skin resurfacing
  • Laser surgery


EvoMATRIX – effectiveness as a result of innovations

The EvoMATRIX laser system is built around a high-quality RF tube.

Innovative technologies applied in the device design ensure the minimum beam diameter unattainable for the majority of conventional CO2 lasers. Thanks to this feature, laser radiation affects skin with minimum injury and ensures the minimum recovery time after treatment.

That is why the EvoMATRIX makes fractional and surgical procedures still more effective, gentle and less painful.


  • Professional perfection

    Highest precision

    Thanks to high quality and stability of laser radiation generated by the EvoMATRIX each coagulational hole in skin has optimal size and regular shape with uniform depth over the complete scanning area. This ensures uniform skin treatment and eliminates the risks of violating treatment protocols.

    Flexibility of settings

    Depending on the patient’s skin condition, the type of the procedure performed and shape of the treated area, the doctor can choose one out of:

    25 power levels,

    26 spot densities,

    20 treatment depths,

    3 scanning types,

    4 scanning shapes and a possibility to optimise the scanning area size. Thanks to such a wide optimisation possibilities the EvoMATRIX ensures a highest flexibility in selecting treatment protocols and maximum treatment effectiveness.

  • Safety and Comfort for the Patients

    Real-time control system

    Performing treatments with a CO2 fractional laser technology is associated with controlled damage to cutaneous covering and thus to ensure patients’ safety it is necessary to strictly control the selected laser radiation parameters in the course of a treatment.

    That is why we have equipped the EvoMATRIX with an intellectual system of automatic control over laser radiation which ensures a highest precision of exposure and patients’ safety during a treatment.

    Skin cooling function

    To minimise pain syndrom in the course of treatments, as a rule, it is necessary to preliminarily cool the skin. That is why, if you do not have specialised cryo-equipment, you can order the EvoMATRIX with built-in skin cooler.

  • Convenience for the Doctor

    Light-weight scanner

    The EvoMATRIX demonstrates one of the best scanner dimensions and weight among the systems available in the market. Light-weight and ergonomic scanner makes the doctor’s work convenient to the maximum as well as minimises his/her physical fatiguability even when performing long procedures.

    Touch screen

    The EvoMATRIX is equipped with a big colour touch screen with intuitive interface which allows to change any treatment parameters in a matter of seconds.

    Adjustment of the aiming beam brightness

    The EvoMATRIX has a built-in aiming laser with adjustable radiation brightness. It not only increases treatment precision, but also reduces the doctor’s eyesight fatiguability in the course of work.

  • The Best Ownership Cost

    Thanks to utilisation of a high-quality RF tube, the laser operating parameters remain unchanged for many years. Therefore, the technologies embodied in the EvoMATRIX allow to increase service intervals and thus reduce your ownership costs for this high-end device.


Active elementRF tube
Wavelength, µm10.6
Beam qualityTEMoo
Output power at skin, up to, W30
Pulse energy, up to, mJ250
PRR0.2 ÷ 1000 Hz
Pulse duration, ms0.1-10
Operating modeFractional, Superpulse, Pulsed, CW
Beam diameter, less than, µm100

Fractional mode
Number of dots10 000
Distance between dots, mm0.1 ÷ 2.6
Multi-dots modefrom 1 to 20 pulses
Scanning area, up to, mm20 х 20
Scanning moderandom, successive, area-based
Scanning shapesquare/rectangle, round/ellipse, triangle, line

Beam delivery7-mirror articulated arm
Display10” colour touch screen
Cooling systemair-to-air
Electrical requirementssingle phase; 220V; 16A; 50Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm570 x 500 x 1250
Weight, kg71


The EvoMATRIX laser system ensures effective realisation of the most advanced techniques in laser medicine and allows to perform most popular procedures all year round with reliably high aesthetic results:

  • Coagulative and entire removal/vaporisation of unwanted skin neoplasms (nevuses, warts, papillomas, keratomas, etc.)
  • Removal of scars after traumas and surgical operations (hyper- and hypotrophical, keloid, etc.)
  • Elimination of stretch marks and striae (hormonal, after pregnancy or losing weight)
  • Post-acne and enlarged pores treatment
  • Removal of wrinkles, deep and small, including periorbital area (crows feet)
  • Skin rejuvenation and improving its texture and relief, including eyelids, neck, decolete and arms


  • Contact skin cooler

    Contact skin cooler

    To increase patients’ comfort in the course of a procedure the EvoMATRIX can be used together with the compact and efficient Peltier skin cooler ensuring efficient contact cooling of the treatment area down to -5°C. The contact cooler is equipped with 4 changeable plates of different diameter intended for cooling different-size areas. Low price and compactness are the major advantages of this device.

  • Non-contact air skin cooler

    Non-contact air skin cooler

    The EvoMATRIX standard set of supply includes an adapter for connecting non-contact air skin cooling systems such as the Cryo 6. Such coolers effectively reduce painful sensations and eliminate the possibility of thermal skin damages. Application of a non-contact cooler offers a number of unquestionable advantages:
    1. High power air flow allows to quickly reduce the skin surface temperature and achieve the desired therapeutic effect;
    2. High localisation precision and stability of cooling effect parameters;
    3. The possibility to cool epidermis before, in the course of and after exposure to laser radiation without interference with the laser beam;
    4. Absence of consumable materials.

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