Multifunctional cosmetological system EvoLINE

The EvoLINE comprises two lasers representing the golden standard of cosmetology and ensures a widest range of their parameters adjustment thus allowing to excellently perform all the popular laser procedures almost without seasonal limitations:

  • Non-invasive vascular lesions treatment
  • Removal of any colour unwanted hair
  • Pigmented lesions treatment
  • Non-invasive skin rejuvenation
  • Acne treatment and prevention
  • Haemangiomas treatment


EvoLINE – A Beauty Salon in Your Hands

We would like to bring your attention to the newest premium class cosmetological system EvoLINE.

The EvoLINE comprises two lasers representing the golden standard of cosmetology – Nd:YAG and Alexandrite laser. That is why, if you buy of this device you would get a unique instrument ensuring performing the whole range of the most popular cosmetological procedures.

Innovative technologies embodied into the EvoLINE design not only provide to the users unique medical opportunities and ensure earlier unattainable patients’ safety, but also considerably increase service intervals, thus reducing the expenses on possession of this high-end cosmetological laser machine.


  • Unique wide range of procedures

    The EvoLINE is a device which, combining two laser radiation sources, allows to perform all the popular laser procedures: Non-invasive vascular lesions treatment, Removal of any colour unwanted hair, Pigmented lesions treatment, Non-invasive skin rejuvenation, Acne treatment and prevention, Haemangiomas treatment.

    That is why the EvoLINE laser system with good reason can be called a cosmetological system – having just one this device you can create a full-scale laser cosmetology salon.

  • All-season universality and individual approach

    Availability of two lasers in one device allows to choose the wavelength depending on the season and solar activity – thanks to this, using the EvoLINE you will be able to conduct your beauty business all year round without seasonal limitations.

    However, we would like to draw your attention that the Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers incorporated into the EvoLINE are innovative products with a huge range of adjustable parameters.

    That is why the EvoLINE not only allows to select the wavelength depending on the season and the patient’s phototype, but also to finely adjust the treatment protocols depending on the individual traits of each patient and, consequently, to achieve really the best result.

  • A highest treatment speed

    The EvoLINE, created on the basis of the most advanced and high-power lasers, offers its Users the technical characteristics and treatment speed unattainable for most of the systems available in the market.

    The EvoLINE allows to treat an area of more than 3 cm2 in one pulse, which means that a skin area of 10 x 15 см2 can be treated within 30 seconds!

    Such a high treatment speed of the EvoLINE offers one more competitive advantage to your beauty salon by cutting down procedure time when treating large skin areas, for example, when performing hair removal procedures. It should be noted that reduction of the treatment time means not only lesser fatigue for the doctor and the patient, but also a considerable reduction of the procedure prime cost.

  • Safety and comfort for patients

    Minimisation of pain syndrom

    The complex laser pulse structure ensured by the LaserTrain technology is one more exclusive advantage of the EvoLINE. This technology exploits the peculiarity of biological tissues reaction to exposure to laser radiation and allows to minimize the patient’s discomfort in the course of some procedures. The LaserTrain technology allows to treat the patient’s skin with a series of laser pulses with a specially selected duration and interval between them. Thanks to this, the laser radiation selectively affects the targets without heating adjacent tissues.

    Thus, the EvoLINE minimises the patient’s painful sensations in the course of treatments.

    Real-time control system

    As treatment protocols of many procedures are close to coagulation threshold (and, consequently, to the pain threshold), to ensure the patient’s safety and comfort it is very important to maintain the selected laser radiation parameters in the course of treatments.

    That is why we have equipped the EvoLINE with the intellectual system of automatic laser radiation energy control which ensures the highest procedures accuracy and patient’s safety in the course of a treatment.

  • Convenience for the doctor

    The experience of cooperation with practicing doctors allowed our engineers not only to take into account in the EvoLINE design the most important technical requirements to such systems, but also to create a range of additional advantages making the doctor’s work truly comfortable and pleasant.

    Convenient control panel of the EvoLINE with intuitive interface allows to change any treatment parameters in a matter of seconds right in the course of a treatment; switching the laser radiation wavelength is made simply by pressing a button.

    Thanks to utilisation of the VarioSpot technology, when operating the EvoLINE you will not have to distract to replacement of different tips and handpieces. A unique handpiece-trasfocator is used for performing all the procedures; it allows smooth changing of beam diameter from 4 mm to 20 mm while the intellectual spot size recognition system automatically recalculates laser radiation density at the patient’s skin and displays the value on the screen.

    The EvoLINE has a built-in aiming laser with adjustable brightness. It not only improves the treatment precision, but also reduces doctor’s eyesight fatiguability in the course of work.

    Light-weight and ergonomic handpiece is one more unquestionable advantage of the EvoLINE which can be appreciated by all the practicing doctors. Thanks to the low weight of the handpiece, the probability of the doctor’s hand increased fatigue and muscular tremor in the course of work is eliminated which allows to preserve a highest accuracy of manipulations even in case of long procedures.

  • Money likes to be counted

    As early as at the development stage we set the goal to create not just a device with excellent performance, but to offer to your attention an instrument allowing your business to work with maximum profitability and financial productivity.

    Optimisation of investment budget

    Actually, the EvoLINE comprises two lasers – Nd:YAG and Alexandrite.

    Taking into account this peculiarity, as early as at the development stage we thouroughly thought over the design of the device so that in case of necessity to minimise your investments into buying it.

    You have a possibility to open your business with the minimal investments by starting to use the EvoLINE in Nd:YAG-only or Alexandrite-only configuration. Subsequently, as your profit grows, you will be able at any time to upgrade your laser to the top package even not taking it out of your salon.

    The best ownership cost

    If in the course of long-term operation of the EvoLINE you discover output energy reduction (it can happen as a result of such natural processes as aging of the flash lamp or other consumable parts), do not hurry to spend money on calling for a service engineer. The pertaining EvoLINE funtion of self-control using the AutoPower technology will allow you in a matter of minutes to perform automatic calibration of the device and bring the laser output energy to its nominal value. Please, pay attention that the AutoPower technology not only reduces service costs, but also allows to beat the bag out of the flash lamp and prolong its life time almost up to 1 million pulses.

    Therefore, the EvoLINE technologies provide you a possibility to increase service intervals and thus reduce your expenses on possession of this high-end cosmetological laser.


Active medium Nd:YAG Alexandrite
Wavelength, nm 1064 755
Pulse duration, ms 0.1…200 0.3…200
Max pulse energy, J 80 45
Max treatment speed, cm2/min 300 300
Fluence variation range, J/cm2 100...600 8...360
Beam dia in the treatment area, mm 4...20
PRR adjustable, from single pulse to 50Hz
Beam delivery optical fiber 1000µm x 3m
Aiming beam red laser diode with adjustable brightness
Control system LCD display or touch panel
Cooling system water-to-air
Electrical requirements 230V ±10%; 50/60Hz; 16A; single phase
Overall dimensions (HxWxD), mm 775 x 480 x 990
Weight, kg 95


The EvoLINE is a professional instrument for performing the following cosmetological and medical procedures:

  • Non-invasive vascular lesions treatment
  • Removal of any colour unwanted hair
  • Pigmented lesions treatment
  • Non-invasive skin rejuvenation
  • Acne treatment and prevention
  • Haemangiomas treatment

Model configurator

Model EvoLINE Silver EvoLINE Gold EvoLINE Platinum
Configuration Nd:YAG only Alexandrite only Nd:YAG + Alexandrite
Non-invasive vascular lesions treatment
Removal of dark and black unwanted hair
Removal of fair and red hair
Pigmented lesions treatment
Non-invasive skin rejuvenation
Acne treatment and prevention
Haemangiomas treatment


  • Non-contact air skin cooler

    Non-contact air skin cooler

    The EvoLINE standard set of supply includes an adapter for connecting non-contact air skin cooling systems such as the Cryo 6. Such coolers effectively reduce painful sensations and eliminate the possibility of thermal skin damages. Application of a non-contact cooler offers a number of unquestionable advantages:
    1. High power air flow allows to quickly reduce the skin surface temperature and achieve the desired therapeutic effect;
    2. High localisation precision and stability of cooling effect parameters;
    3. The possibility to cool epidermis before, in the course of and after exposure to laser radiation without interference with the laser beam;
    4. Absence of consumable materials.

  • Active touch screen

    Active touch screen

    It is easy and pleasant to operate the system thanks to a big 10” touch screen with magnificent view angles. Friendly interface and wide application of pictograms makes operation simple and intuitive allowing you not to refer to the User Manual.

  • Contact skin cooler

    Contact skin cooler

    To increase patients’ comfort in the course of a procedure the EvoLINE can be used together with the compact and efficient Peltier skin cooler ensuring efficient contact cooling of the treatment area down to -5°C. The contact cooler is equipped with 4 changeable plates of different diameter intended for cooling different-size areas. Low price and compactness are the major advantages of this device.

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