The most efficient and often the only way to remove vascular skin malformations (telangiectasias and spider veins, rosacea, vascular, port-wine stains and haemangiomas) with a high-quality aesthetic effect is application of a laser.

Behind the laser removal of vascular formations lies efficient absorption of radiation of certain wavelengths by blood haemoglobin. Radiation of Nd:YAG laser (λ=1064nm) is effectively absorbed by haemoglobin but is considerably weaker absorbed by melanin contained in skin adjacent to blood vessels. This peculiarity allows to selectively affect unwanted small vessels through cutaneous covering, minimising thermal effect on skin. A laser pulse penetrates deeply into skin and vessel walls.

Afterwards, it is absorbed by haemoglobin-containing medium (blood) resulting in a vessel coagulation. Therefore, the laser coagulation method allows to perform non-contact and selective removal of unwanted vessels without damaging cutaneous covering.

As of today, Nd:YAG laser incorporated into the EvoLINE laser system has become a standard and, maybe, one of the best instruments for removing unwanted vascular skin formations. The applied by us technology of coagulation with Nd:YAG laser ensures a highest accuracy and efficiency of effect, non-contactness and absence of skin damaging in the course of a treatment.

Vascular skin formations have various localisations, develop in a different way and have different reasons for appearance. Moreover, each of such formations has its own vessel wall thickness and depth of bedding, that is why laser radiation characteristics for removing each type of vascular lesions can differ greatly. Particularly for this reason our engineers have foreseen in the EvoLINE design a possibility of a widest adjustment of radiation parameters. This feature allows the laser EvoLINE to treat the most versatile vascular formations, starting from small single vessels and finishing with complex haemangiomas, always with the best result.

  • EvoLINE

    The EvoLINE comprises two lasers representing the golden standard of cosmetology and ensures a widest range of their parameters adjustment thus allowing to excellently perform all the popular laser procedures almost without seasonal limitations.

  • Clinical results

    The EvoLINEand EvoRAY laser systems ideally supplement each other and offer to the practicing doctors all the known technologies of effective and safe laser treatment of vascular formations without damaging the patient’s skin covering.