Skin colour is determined by melanin – the natural pigment contained in it. However, melanin can be produced and accumulated in cutaneous covering non-uniformly which results in appearance of pigmented spots on face and body – areas with higher concentration of melanin. Today, laser removal of pigmented lesions is perhaps the most efficient and safe way to get rid of unwanted pigmentation. Modern laser systems and standard time-proven treatment methods allow to remove almost all the types of flat pigmented spots – age-related spots, after-childbirth spots, lentigo, etc. High selectivity (absence of effect on adjacent tissues) in the course of pigmented lesions destruction is achieved thanks to higher concerntration of melanin in a pigmented spot compared to that in naturally coloured skin.

The mechanism of pigmented spots removal is conditioned by the fact that melanin contained in plenty in pigmented spot areas effectively absorbs laser radiation with certain wavelengths.

Thus, when using a long-pulse Alexandrite laser, laser radiation is absorbed by melanin causing thermal destruction of cells – melanocytes – responsible for excessive pigmentation.

When using an Nd:YAG-KTP laser, destruction of melanocytes when absorbing laser radiation takes place due to the photokinetic effect – instantaneously absorbed energy of a short laser pulse results in a nano-explosion destroying the pigmented cell structure.

The remains of destroyed melanin-containing cells are gradually removed from the skin due to phagocytosis. As a result, skin colour after the laser treatment acquires its natural look.

EVO Medika offers to practicing doctors the equipment ensuring removal of unwanted pigmentation using both the photothermolysis method and photokinetic effects.

If you prefer to remove pigmented lesions using the laser thermolysis method we recommend to pay attention to the EvoLINE laser system. It comprises an Alexandrite laser with a wide range of parameters selection which makes it an excellent instrument for removal of flat pigmented spots using the standard and well-proven methods.

If you prefer to remove pigmented spots by destroying melanocytes by the photokinetic effect of laser pulse, the best instrument for you is the Q-sw Nd:YAG-KTP-based EvoRAY laser system. It allows not only to effectively remove different pigmented lesions, but also to avoid thermal load on the treated skin area.

  • EvoLINE

    The EvoLINE comprises two lasers representing the golden standard of cosmetology and ensures a widest range of their parameters adjustment thus allowing to excellently perform all the popular laser procedures almost without seasonal limitations.

  • EvoRAY

    Laser systems generating nanosecond pulses at four different wavelengths allow to effectively, safely and entirely remove pigmented lesions, tattoos of different colours as well as to perform efficient skin rejuvenation.

  • Clinical results

    The pigmentation treatment laser EvoRAY comprising the Q-SwNd:YAG KTP laser and the EvoLINE system comprising the Alexandrite laser allow to realise the best technologies for effective and safe removal of unwanted pigmented lesions without damaging skin covering.