Modern laser technologies offer different methods for different signs and stages of skin aging characterised by different effect mechanisms on skin and different degree of non-invasiveness.

Thermolytic skin rejuvenation

The first signs of skin aging are connected with worsening of its nutrition caused by deterioration of blood microcirculation in the papillary layer. That is why in such cases the main aim of laser radiation is coagulation of hypertrophic minor (often not even visible) vascular skin structures. As a result, the natural skin nourishing restores and its colour improves. Simultaneously with this process, on the part of vascular structures is emitted energy warming the derma which positively influences fibroblasts’ activity: strengthening of collagen lattice leading to increased skin elasticity and flattening of the first minor wrinkles.

Thermokinetic skin rejuvenation

To remove more visible signs of skin aging it is recommended to apply the method when skin is exposed to short-pulse laser radiation of Nd:YAG KTP laser. Heat effect on skin in this case is minimumand the vivid rejuvenation effect is achieved owing to the photokinetic effect.

Fractional thermolysis

The minimally invasive skin rejuvenation methods described above will not have sufficient effect relative to pronounced age-related skin changes, like deep wrinkles, lines and radial upper lip wrinkles. In such cases the fractional thermolysis procedure is recommended. The nature of fractional rejuvenation lies in creating on skin a fine net of perforations – thousands of isolated microcoagulational areas surrounded by intact tissue – mobilisation areas. As a result of laser exposure, the regeneration cells (both stem cells and fibroblasts) actively migrate from the mobilisation areas to the damaged areas effectively creating renewed cutaneous covering.

Laser equipment offered by EVO Medika ensures realisation of the complete range of modern technologies of laser skin rejuvenation.

The EvoLINE system incorporating an Nd:YAG laser with specially optimised parameters performs non-invasive thermolytic skin rejuvenation efficiently struggling the first signs of skin fading.

Q-sw Nd:YAG KTP laser being part of the EvoRAY system provides effective procedures of thermokinetic skin rejuvenation.

The EvoMATRIX system is intended for performing fractional rejuvenation procedures, it provides the beam diameter unattainable for similar lasers and, consequently, a highest procedure efficiency.

  • EvoLINE

    The EvoLINE comprises two lasers representing the golden standard of cosmetology and ensures a widest range of their parameters adjustment thus allowing to excellently perform all the popular laser procedures almost without seasonal limitations.


    CO2-based laser systems are used for performing procedures of fractional thermolysis (fractional rejuvenation, resurfacing of scars, stretch marks and striae) as well as vaporisation of different skin neoplasms (papillomas, nevuses, warts, etc.).

  • EvoRAY

    Laser systems generating nanosecond pulses at four different wavelengths allow to effectively, safely and entirely remove pigmented lesions, tattoos of different colours as well as to perform efficient skin rejuvenation.

  • Clinical results

    The EvoLINE, EvoRAY and EvoMATRIX systems allow the doctors to offer to their patients the whole range of state-of-the-art skin rejuvenation technologies adapted for effective removal of a widest range of age-related skin fading signs.