With age, the number of produced collagen fibres becomes less and less and thus the cutaneous covering loses tone, becomes lax and easily damageable which leads to appearance of wrinkles and other cosmetic defects. Non-invasive skin rejuvenation using radiofrequency radiation is intended for activation of collagen production and launching the natural skin rejuvenation.

The RF energy bypasses epidermis and affects directly derma and subcutaneous fat. The thermal effect of the procedure is conditioned by emission of Joule heat when electrical current passes through skin. Under exposure to heat, the existing collagen protein molecules partially denaturate which conditions their contraction and thickening. In addition, the fibroblasts are stimulated which launches the processes of new structural molecules – collagen and elastin – synthesis. Driven by the thermolipolysis processes, the volume of adipose tissue reduces and cells regeneration processes accelerate.

What is more, blood circulation is enhanced and nourishing and respiration of cells improves, metabolism speeds up which helps the organism to more efficiently get rid of toxins, blood microcirculation gets better, blood and lymphatic vessels elasticity restores, cell membranes permeability increases which allows to additionally efficiently use cosmetological preparations in the course of the procedures.

The EvoSHAPE system is, perhaps, one of the best instruments for effective performance of the whole range of RF-lifting procedures. The point is that in addition to the standard for such systems set of functions, the EvoSHAPE also possesses a number of unique features.

Due to unattainable for other systems selection of radiofrequencies, the doctor can select the most effective frequency for the given derma density and control depth of radiation penetration not only by choosing the right handpiece, but also by adjusting the required operating frequency.

The EvoSHAPE handpieces are equipped with high-power source of red light with specially selected parameters. Combined effect of radiofrequency and optical radiation selectively stimulates synthesis of new collagen and elastin molecules.

The multilevel intellectual safety system supplements the features of the EvoSHAPE. It eliminates not only the possibility of breaking treatment protocols, but even any slight unpleasant sensations of the patients in the course of treatments.

  • EvoSHAPE

    Systems for radiofrequency lifting provide a unique possibility to form medical protocols on the basis of six radio frequencies and five handpieces. Combination of RF lifting and optical collagenarium ensure incredible effect of non-invasive skin lifting and rejuvenation.

  • Clinical results

    Due to an unattainable for other devices selection of radio frequencies and combined optical effect, the EvoSHAPE system is probably one of the best instruments for effective performance of radiofrequency lifting procedures representing the only real alternative to surgical skin lifting.