Recently, the wave of tattoos popularity has been gradually replaced by the wave of those wishing to remove the pictures on the body made with paints introduced into skin. Only laser equipment allows to remove tattoos without damaging skin and leaving scars.

The principle of the laser tattoo removal is based on the photokinetic effect appearing when a substance absorbs a very short laser pulse. Laser radiation specially adjusted for the tattoo colour is absorbed by a paint granule within several nanoseconds (10-9 seconds!). For such a fantastically short time heat does not have time to extend to adjacent tissues and the paint granule microexplosion occurs which destroys it into plenty of ultimate particles.

Then, the particles of the destroyed paint are removed from skin with natural lymph flow thus leading to decolouration of a tattoo. Without doubt, the major advantage of such a method is that the procedure is performed without damaging cutaneous covering which eliminates the possibility of scarring at the place of former pictures.

For removal of both one-colour and multiple-colour tattoos we recommend to use the EvoRAY laser system – a high-power Q-sw KTP laser supplemented with converters generating high-power laser radiation in the most demanded spectral range areas.

The wide selection of wavelengths provided by the tattoo removal laser EvoRAY allows to ensure effective removal of tattoos made with any type of paint of almost any colour:

1064 nmblack, grey and other dark paints with blue and green tints
532 nmred, brown and orange
650 nmgreen
585 nm light blue

The large selection of laser radiation wavelengths ensures a highest selectivity of effect in the course of a treatment – the laser radiation is effectively absorbed by the paint granules and destroys them leaving the adjacent tissues intact.

  • EvoRAY

    Tattoo removal equipment generating nanosecond pulses at four different wavelengths allow to effectively, safely and entirely remove pigmented lesions, tattoos of different colours as well as to perform efficient skin rejuvenation.

  • Clinical results

    The EvoRAY system comprising the Q-SwNd:YAG KTP laser supplemented with multi-wave converters allows to effectively, safely and entirely remove multi-colour tattoos. These unique procedures are performed without damaging the skin and without scarring.