Scars resulting from operations and traumas, post-acne scars, striae and stretch marks that often appear after childbirth or in case of hormonal failures are vivid cosmetic defects which cause serious psychological discomfort to their owners. At present the generally recognised and the most effective method of responding to such skin defects is the fractional thermolysis method. The basic principle of this method is fractionness which lies in division of a laser beam into a great number of microbeams – fractions.

Under such an exposure, the laser beam controllably hits epidermis not over the complete skin surface, but fractionally – by uniformly distributed dots. In the resulting holes in skin (so-called healing areas) new young and free from defects tissue rapidly forms while the cells of the intact skin around the healing areas become an additional source of quick restoration of the treated areas. Thanks to the fact that the skin is damaged in dots, not over the complete surface, the regeneration process proceeds quicker than in case of traditional resurfacing. And the treatment itself becomes more gentle and less painful.

The EvoMATRIX system has been specially developed for performing the most modern procedures of fractional thermolysis. This unique laser system allows for performing the whole range of fractional procedures all year round with guaranteed excellent aesthetic results.

Thanks to the advanced technologies embodied in the scar removal device EvoMATRIX, it is capable of creating at the patient’s skin fractional holes unattainably small for other similar devices. As the quality of fractional treatments directly depends on the fractional holes size, the cutaneous covering regeneration in case of using the scar treatment laser EvoMATRIX takes several times quicker which makes these procedures still more effective, gentle and less painful for the patients.


    CO2-based laser systems are used for performing procedures of fractional thermolysis (fractional rejuvenation, resurfacing of scars, stretch marks and striae) as well as vaporisation of different skin neoplasms (papillomas, nevuses, warts, etc.).

  • Clinical results

    The EvoMATRIX laser system based on the advanced RF CO2 laser allows to most effectively realise the technology of factional skin resurfacing offering the best results when removing scars.