Traditional removal of warts and papillomas with liquid nitrogen or acids requires several repeated treatments and is accompanied with pronounced painfulness while electrocoaguation and surgical exsection usually result in scars.

That is why laser removal of neoplasms performed non-contactly and painlessly and without leaving scars is the method that has no alternatives today.

Using a CO2 laser for removal of papillomas, warts, nevuses and other skin neoplasms is a visiting card of such systems. By changing the radiation parameters of CO2 lasers a doctor can control depth of exposure with pinpoint accuracy eliminating accompanying injury to adjacent sound skin areas. Thanks to this, the traces of laser radiation exposure are minimum or do not remain at all.

The EvoMATRIX system built around a high-quality RF tube is an ideal instrument for accurate and painless treatment of various skin neoplasms.

The laser removal of skin neoplasms EvoMATRIX meets the most advanced requirements to surgical laser systems both in technical capabilities and in the level of procedures safety.

The EvoMATRIX can operate both in the CW and pulsed modes allowing to perform non-contact, practically bloodless operations on discission, evaporation and coagulation of biological tissues by smoothly adjusting radiation parameters and selecting the optimum depth and width of discission or size of the coagulation area depending on the pathology shape.


    CO2-based laser systems are used for performing procedures of fractional thermolysis (fractional rejuvenation, resurfacing of scars, stretch marks and striae) as well as vaporisation of different skin neoplasms (papillomas, nevuses, warts, etc.).

  • Clinical results

    Thanks to the technical innovations embodied in the EvoMATRIX design, the effect of laser radiation on skin is almost non-traumatic and ensures the minimum skin covering rehabilitation time after the treatment. That is why the EvoMATRIX makes neoplasms (warts) removal procedures really minimally invasive, still more gentle and painless.