Acne (acne vulgaris) is a chronic skin disease caused by excessive sebum production and change of its formula as well as by hyperkeratosis follicularis (considerable proliferation of corneous skin layer around a hair follicle). These processes create fertile ground for development of a bacillary inflammation connected with interference of propionibacteria of bacteria normally inhabiting its surface deeper into skin.

In case of acne, inflammatory loci can damage skin up to 5mm deep. That is why radiation of an Nd:YAG laser which penetrates into tissue as deep as 5mm can effectively treat acne.

Radiation of such a laser with specially selected parameters is absorbed by bacteria’s protein coat and creates thermal effect which results in death of propionibacteria supporting inflammation in deep skin layers. In addition, the laser partially destroys the cells lining excretory ducts of sebaceous glands (sebocytes) resulting in reduction of sebum production. Thus, this method breaks the cycle by blocking the acne releaser. Moreover, thermal effect of the laser on skin also leads to improvement of blood flow to the inflammatory loci. With blood flow leucocytes come to the acne area and naturally suppress the inflammatory processes in skin.

If the appropriate skin care is not taken, the inflammatory processes often cause bluish-pink scars on skin – a so-called post-acne syndrome (more information on post-acne treatment is available here).

The acne removal laser EvoLINE has a special operating mode ensuring effective acne prevention and treatment. The EvoLINE non-invasively treats the inflamed surface with microsecond Nd:YAG laser pulses.

Exposure to laser radiation with specifically optimised parameters successfully eliminates inflammations and has a powerful cidal effect.

Moreover, precisely controlled skin thermal load results in thermal activation and stimulation of fibroblasts leading to pores contraction, skin relief flattening and regaining uniform and sound colour. Therefore, when undergoing a treatment course by the EvoLINE you actually achieve an additional skin remodeling effect.

  • EvoLINE

    The acne removal device EvoLINE comprises two lasers representing the golden standard of cosmetology and ensures a widest range of their parameters adjustment thus allowing to excellently perform all the popular laser procedures almost without seasonal limitations.

  • Clinical results

    Due to availability in the EvoLINE of the generation mode specially developed for this purpose, the system allows to perform non-invasive and highly effective procedures of acne treatment and prevention with the best results.