We know what you need!

Long-term cooperation with practicing doctors
as well as our own experience in opening and managing cosmetological businesses
give us clear understanding of the requirements
made to cosmetological equipment
both on the part of doctors and on the part of business owners.

  • Nothing in excess, just the best

    We do not strive to produce a large number of devices for performing procedures with doubtful results. Our specialists thoroughly select only the best and time-proven medical technologies which are then embodied in our perfect equipment. We offer the best from the necessary to achieve really effective results.

  • Low ownership cost

    As early as at the development stage, we think over the design of the equipment so that not only to optimise your investments into its purchase, but also to minimise the ownership costs.

  • Highest reliability

    All the EVO Medika products are produced at a factory line manufacturing laser equipment for aerospace industry. Most of the technical solutions determining reliability and easy maintenance of our equipment are adopted from the experience of creating industrial lasers. As a result, you obtain excellent quality and two-year warranty for any product by EVO Medika.

  • Intellect and Emotions

    Italian designers, aspiring to synergy of technology and sensuality, have always paid much attention to external details which are designed to reflect the concept and uniqueness of the product. That is why the EVO Medika devices along with impressive professional capabilities amaze with their ergonomic and glamorous look.

  • Honest prices

    All the EVO Medika products are manufactured in Eastern Europe where traditionally high-quality but not very expensive industrial production is located. Besides, EVO Medika has minimised its expenses on advertising having focused on the design and production quality. All the devices are supplied to the customers directly from the production factories; you pay only for the product, not for marketing expenses on its promotion.

When you choose EVO Medika, you get professional and economic equipment while your clients get really effective and safe procedures